Dr. Atul Maini: Your Kidney Doctor in Freehold, NJ

Do you suspect there might be something wrong with one or both of your kidneys but don’t know where to go? Have you asked yourself, “Where can I find a nephrologist near me?”

A nephrologist is a medical doctor specializing in renal care (kidney care). Nephrologists diagnose and treat chronic kidney conditions. At SAI Nephrology, we offer the comprehensive services you need for your specific kidney concerns.

Our Freehold, NJ Renal Care Services

Why see a nephrologist? Chances are, your primary care doctor referred you to us. But it might have been a friend, relative, or other sources. No matter what brings you to our Freehold, NJ kidney care center, we’re here to help.

We treat the following kidney problems and related conditions:

What Our Excellent Kidney Doctor and Kidney Care Specialists Do

The two leading causes of chronic kidney disease are diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure). These two health conditions are prevalent. So, we advise patients to keep them under control through diet, exercise, routine monitoring, and our support.

Should someone’s condition reach the point of ESRF (end-stage renal failure), we will refer them for kidney dialysis either at home or at a dialysis center. We’ll also see them in our office at regular intervals. There, we will discuss their treatment plan and the possibility of a kidney transplant, as appropriate.

We also provide excellent care for patients with acute conditions like kidney stones and hydronephrosis. And we diagnose the causes of protein in the urine—which can signal kidney and other health concerns.

Do You Need a Kidney Doctor? Come to SAI Nephrology

Kidney concerns can cause short or long-term discomfort. Some may even call for extended treatment and strict regimens. But whatever your condition, Dr. Maini and the caring folks at SAI Nephrology will help and support you in handling it and moving forward with strength and resilience.

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